DIY Succulent Bar

We stepped outside the booth a couple weekends ago to create a memorable activity for a dear friend’s bridal shower.

DIY and adult crafting is on trend, and we couldn’t resist dreaming something up!

We created this DIY terrarium bar with some cost-effective supplies, which translated into a fabulous finished product. Below, we give you step-by-step instructions to re-create your own terrarium bar. We had enough supplies to make 30 small terrariums.


  1. Supplies

We bought our supplies through various vendors. Where applicable, I will link directly to their pages.

  • 30 glass containers: bought in packs of 2 at Dollarama.
  • Coloured sand: multi-pack purchased from
  • Sand containers: multi-pack sugar cookie decoration squeeze bottles from HomeSense.
  • Black rocks: 3 bags purchased from
  • Accent items: mini sea shells and partial geodes purchased at Michaels.
  • Succulents: ordered 2 inch plants in advance from my local florist –
  • Succulent Dirt: specifically used for succulents to give proper drainage from
  • Various containers for dirt/rocks ect: I used what I had around the house! Be creative with your own stock of pots, decorative bowls and unique ceramics.
  • Frame: use this for your step-by-step hand lettered sign. I used one from home.
  • Table: rented and purchased plastic table cloths.
  1. Preparation for your event

We were so lucky to have a professional artist on the team of bridesmaids. For anything artistic (painting, drawing, invitations, handlettering ect), please consider Ilana Staniscia. She did an incredible job on the jars as well as the hand-lettered instruction sign.

We made sure to collect all the supplies beforehand, for easy set up the day of the bridal shower.

  1. Set Up

We set up our DIY succulent bar outside underneath a tent. We used plastic table cloths to ensure easy clean up.

We didn’t need an attendant at the bar, but created a cute, simple hand lettered sign with simple instructions. The more streamlined and simple you can make your DIY bar, the better!

Overall, this idea was a smashing success and lent itself to a fun, trendy shower for a beautiful bride!

– Karma Photo Booth 2017

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